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GotBackup - The Timing Is Perfect

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

GotBackup is literally the only company in the world that:

1. GotBackup offers 6 TB (TeraBytes) of secure storage space for up to 6 family members and

unlimited devices.

Icloud, One Drive and others only offer 2 TB of space for one user.

2. GotBackup are the ONLY company that is capitilizing on this emerging global trend with

an amazing and very lucrative home based business opportunity.


Massive growth in Mobile Data being created

1, In 2011 there were approximately 1 billion smartphone users. Today that number

is now 5 billion users along with 2 billion computers.

Given the rapid rise in mobile usage, the potential market for GotBackup is

enormous and still growing everyday.

As more people use their mobile devices to capture and share moments, the need

for reliable and secure data backup is more crucial than ever.

People are addicted to their cell phones, videos and their selfies

The loss of critical data grows as people create more data.

1. An amazing 45% of cell phone users have accidentally damaged their cell phone and lost their data.

2. Over 5700 screens are cracked every hour.

3. Over 2 billion cell phone cases and protectors are purchased each year. With billions more

never worrying about the most important part...protecting and securing their cell phone data!

Stay protected!

"If you protect your phone with a case for the outside."

"Why would you not protect your data on the inside."

What about security? Can anyone see my stuff in the cloud?

* GotBackup uses military grade AES 256-bit encryption and TLS/SSL

encryption protocols. In short...Your data is extremely secure with Gotbackup.

* GotBackup employs industry-standard TLS to encrypt data in transfer.

Usage of Object Storage like Amazon S3 or other external storage systems

can be secured through server side encryption.

* None of the GotBackup staff knows your password. We can only reset passwords for customers

if they lose or forget them.

GotBackup - the Home Based Business Opportunity

GotBackup is the only company that has recognized the very beginning of this global trend

and turned it into an amazing and very LUCRATIVE home based business opportunity.

Get Paid to help families protect their valuable memories and data.

Why am I telling you this on my GotBackup blog?....because

GotBackup is here to help average people with an above average work ethic

become millionaires.

We are here to make great distributors from outside the industry with a product

that everyone needs.



For more information check out our Latest Blog Here

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