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GotBackup Offline Marketing

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Most digital product companies concentrate their efforts around online marketing to sell their products globally. GotBackup is no different and I certainly reflect that in my previous posts. But there are more diverse localized ways to get eyeballs on what you are offering, especially for those marketers that are not comfortable with an online presence.

GotBackup has created a range of business cards and postcards that can be locally distributed, giving you an option to be more hands on with your business. This gives you the ability to condense your marketing efforts in your own country, town and neighborhood.

Click to order business cards or promo cards with simple instructions to add your business information, will produce some beautifully designed offline marketing tools for your localized marketing presence.

Whether you order business cards, 4X6" promo cards, or both, SHIPPING IS FREE!

They design these beautiful 2 sided 4X6" glossy cards to help you tell the story. They can customize the back of the cards by adding your contact info and a QR code so people can scan the code and instantly be taken to your website by just pointing their smart phone at the QR code.

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